What is quaran-T?

quaran-T is a t-shirt label founded by renowned embroidery house Saks India and Swedish brand incubator Bozzil, with the aim to support Indian artisans - also known as 'kaarigars' - and their families during and in the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic. The t-shirts feature artworks inspired by the world through the eyes of the designer, in light of Covid-19.


To learn more about the teams behind quaran-T, visit Saks-India.com or Bozzil.com.

Do you have other t-shirt designs?

We do! Keep checking in here and on our Instagram handle, @quarantee.in, for all our latest designs. We have a number of collaborations launching in the coming months, starting with Dundas World, followed by a collection created by a number of anonymous fashion designers. Stay put and keep checking in for the latest t-shirt designs. You can also sign up for our newsletter on our home page, to be notified every time we launch something new

How do I know if I've won the lottery?

A lucky winner of each design will be drawn at the end of each lottery period, and will be contacted by the quaran-T team directly through phone or email.


What if I want to make an anonymous donation?
Anyone who would like to make an anonymous donation may do so by checking the anonymous donation checkbox on the Ketto page, then email a copy of the payment confirmation to info@quaran-T.in so that we can register your donation and assign the right amount of lottery tickets to your name.

What if I want to contribute with less than the minimum ticket price?

Any and every little amount counts! Any amount lesser than specified as minimum ticket price will be donated directly towards the cause, but will not qualify for a lottery ticket. We are launching many exclusive t-shirt designs in the coming weeks, so keep checking back on our website, to sign up for our newsletter or to view more designs. We will launch designs in many different price categories - we've made sure there is a lottery for everyone to participate in!
I want to own one of your tees. Can I buy it?

The only way to own a quaran-T design is by winning one. To win, you must partake in a lottery by buying one or more lottery tickets. Once you make your donation on the specific/dedicated Ketto campaign page, stay put. And of course, the higher the donation, the higher number of tickets are yours - thus, your chances of winning go up. Each Ketto campaign link specifies the price of each particular tee.

I don't live in India. Can I still participate?

Of course!  If the winner happens reside abroad, we will ensure the t-shirt gets shipped directly and safely to you. You can also donate towards the cause from anywhere in the world, on each Ketto campaign link - just specify your country and currency and the Ketto calculator will tell you how much your INR donation is in your currency. 

What will happen with the donation I make if I don't win?

Our mission is to raise funds to provide financial support to the kaarigar community and their families. The purpose is also to highlight and bring awareness to the talent and work of Indian artisans, who are working with prominent international brands since the early days of fashion. Since the outbreak of the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic, many kaarigars have been left with no work or means to provide for themselves and their families. Through quaran-T, Saks India and Bozzil hope to be able to provide financial support to those who do not have permanent employment with an established embroidery house - making up a larger portion of the kaarigar community in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 100% of all the funds raised through any of our Ketto campaign links will be donated directly to the kaarigars and their families.

How can I contribute?

Quaran-T will launch a number of limited edition embellished t-shirt designs, and interested customers have a chance to win the design by participating a lottery. When you buy a lottery ticket through this link, 100% of your donation will be given directly to a group of entrusted kaarigars in Mumbai, Maharashtra who will in turn distribute the funds within their teams. The entrusted kaarigars we have partnered with for this will sign an official declaration stating the number of people who will benefit from the funds as well as the purpose it will be used for.

For any queries, inputs, or to get in touch with the team behind quaran-T, you can reach us on info@quaran-t.in or on Instagram, on @quarantee.in

A Saks India and Bozzil India initiative